Mobile Advertising SoSe 2022

Mobile Advertising SoSe 2022

Sommersemester 2022
Dozent: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible

Mobile Advertising & Brand Engagement

What is this lecture about?
Designing and prototyping of a mobile app for brand engagement purposes; concept design (learn how to make it); Prototype in HTML, CSS or XD … (learn how to do it).

Learning goals:
Understand how Adver1sing in Mobile Apps work (principles, types of content). Get to know App business models, App Mone1za1on. Understand the basics of Mobile App-marke1ng. Learn how to make a concept design for a Mobile App. Learn how to prototype a simple mobile web app.

Final project task:
1. Create a Mobile App based on your own idea. Apps should: fulfill a real user need, provide interes1ng user interac1on and has something to do with buying/marke1ng/adver1sing.
2. Create a PDF document about the concept design of your app.
3. Create a short video about the app (walktrough video).


Overview: No Planet B – who they are, No Planet B – Attitude, No Planet B – Mission & Statement, Value, Brand‘s USP, Brand‘s Goals, Target Group, Persona, Scenario, Consumer Insight.

No Planet B produces cosmetic products such as shampoo or shower gel. All of their products are completely made from recycled and upcycled materials – from their packaging to the ingredients. No Planet B see themselves as positive rebels with a joy for the good cause. No Planet B wants to start a movement where everyone can join in. They stand for upcycling and re-purposing. No Planet B wants a joyful revolution and an infectious world of sustainability.
They engage with real people and real activities. Together, they want to advance social change. No Planet B believes that everyone can and wants to do good. But many don‘t know how and where to start getting involved. To actively drive social change, No Planet B wants to use bconnected to lower the barrier to social engagement and increase the joy of revolution. They do not only want to focus on sales but also form a community with likeminded people.

Focus-Targetgroup: Young adults (18 – 29), predominantly female, mostly higher educated, more likely to live in urban areas, it‘s more about attitude than demographics.

The App Idea: bconnected is an app that facilitates social engagement and enables networking between people with the same interests. Branded with „No Planet B“ as an image app, where the social purpose of the app is in the main focus (and not the upselling of the products). bconnected is the first social network for social engagement. We make social engagement easily accessible for everyone. At the same time, we enable networking with like-minded people.

Studentisches Team:
Marco Konrad, Jacqueline Riek, Anika Asmussen, Laura Pflaum, Lucía Elena-Manthey, Katharina Ehrhardt

Weitere Projekte aus dem Studiengang Werbung und Marktkommunikation.