Mobile Advertising WS 2022/23

Mobile Advertising WS 2022/23

Wintersemester 2022/23
Dozent: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible

Mobile Advertising & Brand Engagement

What is this lecture about?
Designing and prototyping of a mobile app for brand engagement purposes; concept design (learn how to make it); Prototype in HTML, CSS or XD … (learn how to do it).

Learning goals:
Understand how Adver1sing in Mobile Apps work (principles, types of content). Get to know App business models, App Mone1za1on. Understand the basics of Mobile App-marke1ng. Learn how to make a concept design for a Mobile App. Learn how to prototype a simple mobile web app.

Final project task:
1. Create a Mobile App based on your own idea. Apps should: fulfill a real user need, provide interes1ng user interac1on and has something to do with buying/marke1ng/adver1sing.
2. Create a PDF document about the concept design of your app
3. Create a short video about the app (walktrough video)

Food Friends

Table of contents: App description, target group, scenario, feature list, touchpoints, visual look & feel, wireframes, App sitemap.

The problem: Due to the fact that consumers buy a lot of different products while grocery shopping, they quickly lose track of the products that they already have at home. Items end up being forgotten about and have to be thrown away in the end because the food has exceeded the expiration date before use.

The solution: The Food Friends App creates a pantry list by scanning the customer’s receipt. It then gives an overview of all the items currently available at home. As soon as an item is about to expire, the app sends out a notification to alarm the user to prevent the item from having to go to waste.

Social. Local. Mobile. In order to ensure that all the products end up being used, the Food Friends App allows users to give away some of their own products to other users of the app who live close by. This function also benefits people who need to save money and are on the look for cheap ways to get some food items. Additionally, people are able to collect coupons for the Gorillas app by saving the different food items from going to waste.

Studentisches Team:
Mila Sur, Ivana Dvornekovic, Sophie Müller

Weitere Projekte aus dem Studiengang Werbung und Marktkommunikation.