Screendesign SoSe 2022

Screendesign SoSe 2022

Screendesign Sommersemester 2022
Dozent: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible

What is screendesign about?

Making a Design concept (incl. Visual layout) of a website. Building a website in HTML&CSS (Coding).

Learning goals Part 1:
Conceptual design orientated approach: Understanding the conceptual basics of screen design. Understanding the design process. How to make a page layout.
Learning goals Part 2:
Technical design oriented approach: Gain practical experience on how to build a simple screen design from scratch using HTML & CSS (Coding). Learn how to make a page layout. Learn how to add text, images, video. Learn how to add navigation and interaction to a screen. Introduction to “Responsive Design” (Bootstrap). How to add a Facebook-Pixel to a website.

Project work task:
Students need to create screen designs for a website, presenting a product or service of one’s own choice. Project can be done individually or in a group of up to 4 persons. Language: English.
The project task consists of 2 parts:
1. Design concept (styleguide and wireframes, descriptions etc.)
2. Realization of the screen design with HTML & CSS

Max Richard Lessmann

Overview, Layout (Wireframes, gaze plot), Typography, Branding, Navigation, HTML Elements (extended wireframes), Assets, SEO Isssues, Browser Use, Screenshots,

Aim of the website: The aim of the website is to create an internet presence for Max Richard Leßmann, so that potential new fans can get an impression of him and his activities as a lyricist and singer.

We see Max Richard Leßmann as a brand, as a changeable newcomer and want to address all potential fans with the website, regardless of gender, age, profession, interests, hobbies or place of residence.

Our colours fit well with the topic German newcomer and artist, because they are primarily associated with colorfulness, modernity and uniqueness.

Our keywords are mostly in the text, headline or navigation bar: Max Richard Leßmann, Gedichte, Liebe in Zeiten der Follower, Niemand muss ein Promi sein, Live-Gala, Podcast, Merch, deine Worte.

Studentisches Team:
Laura Poluschkin, Therese Kuch

Weitere Projekte aus dem Studiengang Werbung und Marktkommunikation.